Anti-Cellulite Program

  • 45 minutes cellulite massage
  • 45 minutes body shaping gymnastic


which combines the detoxification role of lymph-massage and the “muscle pump” function of the active muscle work. Together they prevent the formation of cellulite and decrease its symptoms. It is suggested to do regularly, as a cure, and to repeat it minimum 10 times (2-3 times weekly).

Cellulite massage - Manual
lymphatic drainage (MLD)


Cellulite develops as the effect of improper nutrition and sedentary lifestyle, mainly at women. A fat cell is normally as large as a pinhead. These cells grow and get filled with liquid. The lymphatic drainage removes this liquid and purifies the tissues with exploding the fat cells under the surface of the skin.

The lymphatic system is closely connected to the immune system, it helps selecting waste from tissues. Manual lymphatic drainage is a special type of massage which improves lymph flow; doing it regularly eliminates the atony of lymph in tissues, activates the immune system and stimulates transferring the waste helping the cells and the tissues to recover.


Body shaping gymnastic


The personalized exercises are burning the fat and strengthening the muscles where it is really needed in order to form an esthetic and healthy shape. Supporting the pump function of the muscles it helps in the circulation of the lymph. It increases the blood flow, the oxygenation and the nutrition supply of the tissues; it activates the cardiovascular systems and the lung. Doing these fat burning exercises regularly – with the help of a skilled physiotherapist – plays a really important role in preventing cellulite and decreasing its symptoms.


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