What is cellulite?


Cellulite is the dimpled appearance of skin caused by fat deposits that are just below the surface of the skin. Fat cells are full of the products of metabolism and waste which cannot be eliminated from the body. This should be done through the lymphatic system but it often doesn’t occur. The lymphatic system doesn’t have its own “pump” like the heart in the circulatory system. The muscle pump must move the lymph. The muscle pump can transfer the waste into the lymphatic vessels if the surrounding tissues are tight enough to hold against. Lots of people have weak connective tissues so the muscle pump works insufficiently and lymphedema, waste deposit occurs then cellulite forms. The blood supply of this area is poorer so the temperature of the skin is lower here. Blood supply has to be increased and the lazy lymphatic system caused by weak connective tissues has to be stimulated.  The stagnant lymph must be transferred to the lymph trunks to help to remove waste. Cellulite forms in the dermis and in the lower level of the skin. In adulthood the waste deposited between fat cells encapsulates.
The lymph is an alkaline, yellow, translucent fluid containing plasma proteins and fat. It can be seen by anybody who had earlier a palmar blister. Its flow rate is around 3cms per minute. With lymph massage this flow rate can be multiplied and the elimination of waste from the body increases, fat deposits reduces and cellulite is reducing.

Possible reasons:

  • poor metabolism (also locally)
  • heredity
  • hormone problems (estrogen disorder)
  • contraceptives (suggested for young girls skin problems)
  • lack of exercise (circulation, metabolism decrease waste won’t be eliminated)
  • improper nutrition
  • low fluid intake



  • Acute inflammation: local pathogens can spread.
  • Thyroid disorders: at neck lymph drainage big amount of hormone can come to the blood.
  • Thrombosis suspected areas – small pieces can detach from a clot of blood causing pulmonary embolism.
  • Around tumor tissues especially when it is not yet removed. The tumor cells detached during massage can travel to further with the circulation helping to form metastasis.
  • Edema associated with heart failure – the interstitial fluid coming into the blood circulation during lymphatic drainage increases the volume load of the heart and there is a chance of forming pulmonary edema. 


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