The FLOWIN team developed a unique tool which provides optimal training using only the body as counterweight. The Flowin friction technique and training effectively helps to reach the desired results when developing of motor skills, fitness or quickness. This tool can be used by anybody regardless of age and physique not only for sports but also for physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Changing the place of the sliding pads the load can be set personally which allows setting up tailor-made exercises regardless of age and personal fitness level.
Using Flowin you can strengthen the muscles without counterweights. With a therapist we can safely make stabilizer (spine gymnastic) training, strengthen the (peripheral) extremities, and make neuromuscular (proprioceptive) training or fitness training too. Flowin activates the whole muscle chain and this way it helps to improve the balance and coordination and decreases the risk of injuries. It improves posture and makes you stronger, faster and quicker. Besides the pads can be used as a great dynamic stretching tool which allows improving the flexibility of the muscles during the fitness training.

Advantages of FlowIn:

  • dynamic co-contraction training
  • fitness training
  • functional muscle strengthening
  • posture stability
  • balance and coordination

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