The Spineliner Adjustment System is an advanced tool used by physicians and physiotherapists for analyzing and adjusting the spine and peripheral joints.

The instrument has a complex software package that helps the therapist in adjusting the improper block and/or the partial dislocation (subluxation). With the help of a special head (piezoelectric head) it senses the reflected vibration of the hits given to the vertebral segment and the software calculates the condition of the joint. According to this it exactly calculates and sets the amplitude, strength and frequency of the “therapeutic hits”.

The system analyzer function of Spineliner isolates and defines the vertebral segments which have different resistance response than normally expected from a similar person’s similar segment. The device analyses every part of the spine (cervical, thoracic and lumbar) separately and shows the result graphically. After the analyzing phase the user chooses the segment(s) to adjust and the Spineliner Adjustment System hits the chose segment(s) with the corrected resonance (percussion).

The therapist using the computer graphic can easily and reliably follow the advance and the condition of the patient.

The treatment has two phases, analysis and therapy.


  1. Spinal segment flexibility control (relative joint mobility or inflexibility),
  2. Muscle spasm,
  3. Condition of spinal segment tissues (waveform analysis).


1. Joint mobilization,
2. Chiropractic adjustment,
3. Intervertebral disk therapy,
4. Mechanoreceptor stimulation,
5. Trigger point therapy.


  • Pregnancy
  • Patients with tumor
  • Chronic  decalcification ( osteoporosis )
  • Acute inflammation
  • At traumatic differences
  • Chronic degenerative ( arthrosis )