Ultrasound therapy

Ultrasound has been being used in the medical practice since the 50s for both diagnostic- and treatment purposes at special kind of diseases like arthritis, spinal problems, fractures, strains, sprains, and scars.


  • The heat effect of ultrasound
    It’s shown by the local temperature rise of the treated tissue.
  • The mechanical effect of ultrasound
    The mass parts exposed to ultrasound are oscillating around their original location while they are significantly accelerating. Because of the changing pressure the volume of the cells frequently change – increase, decrease –, it can reach even the 0.02% of the original volume. On cell level the mechanical effect is similar to the high frequency vibrating massage (micro massage).
  • The physio-chemical effect of ultrasound
    This effect is the result of the heat effect and the mechanical effect
    The most important results:
    • blood vessels dilate;
    • the permeability of the cell membrane increases;
    • it stimulates the metabolism;
    • it enhances lymph circulation;
    • strained muscles releases;
    • reduces inflammation.

These can result significant improvements when treating cellulite.