About us

Our team set up for years ago. Our main goal is to show a possible way like a compass to reach the balance between body and soul. This contains changing the people’s approach and lifestyle enlightening the fact that the solution lies ‘within us’.

The cornerstone of our approach is the prevention that leads beyond the spectrum of the traditional symptomatic treatment. The appearance of the symptoms is usually a conclusion of a long-lasting chain of imbalance, where eliminating the real ‘root problem’ restores the balance. We can help in this on body and energetic level. We are waiting for our Guest with high competence and sincere smile on our island of peace.

For employees doing sedentary work at large companies we provide a full ergonomic program under the banner of prevention. Read more: Offer for companies.

(Full English personal pages coming soon!)

István Hübner

Physiotherapist and
Manual Therapist

 +36-30 / 991-2201



Katalin Aszalósné Hermann

Gyógytornász, gyógypedagógus





Ligeti Zsuzsa

Gyógymasszőr, Biodinamikus Craniosacrális terápia, Dorn terápia, Kineziológia





Kepes Andrea

  • Talpreflexológia
  • FDM terápia
  • SI terápia
  • Svédmasszázs
  • Triggerpont terápia
  • Hegmasszázs terápia



Attila Gácsér

gyógymasszázs, triggerpont-terápia, alternatív mozgásterápia