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Offer for companies

Sedentary work as the main reason of spinal problems.

Nowadays most of the people do sedentary work. Based upon surveys 60-70% of the population suffer from any kind of spinal problem. Therefore they spend two weeks per year on sick leave. It is understandable because sitting puts 50% heavier load on our spine than standing.

What can be done?

Our services help the employees to work healthier and more effective. It requires only a minimum effort of time and money which returns soon because a 15 minute long gymnastic combined with a massage can solve not only the spinal problems but with breaking the monotony of the sedentary work and increasing the blood circulation it also improves the attention and the concentration.

What can our team offer for your company?

Involving highly skilled professionals (physicians, physiotherapists, masseurs) we investigate and screen the employees and if needed, we provide treatments for the ones suffering from the effects of sedentary work. Furthermore we make suggestions to build up an ideal working environment which takes the spinal problems also into consideration. Apart from the optimal settings of the chairs, desks and monitors we provide special equipment too (cylinder pillow, seat wedge etc.).

Our Services:

Basic services:

  • Assessing the spinal condition of the employees, classifying them according to their complaints (we can send the employees having acute and serious symptoms to the orthopedist being related to us, and we make recommendations to the ones with less severe problems.
  • We set the working environment optimal (chairs, desks, keyboard etc.)


Additional services:

  • Therapeutic massage, trigger point therapy, reflex massage for the more effective work
  • If needed, personal gymnastic for managing the actual symptoms (involving professional physiotherapist)
  • Special equipment for reducing the adverse effects of the sedentary work (cylinder pillow, seat wedge etc.).
  • On the spot spine mobilizing gymnastic for cutting the monotonicity of work
  • Group gymnastic (complex therapeutic and preventive gymnastic , 30 minutes, 10 persons)
  • Manual therapy (releasing blocks in the joints, restoring muscle-joint balance)
  • Spineliner (computer assisted spine-joint diagnostic and therapy)
  • Kinesio Taping (stability of joints, strains, relieving muscle and joint pains with special taping technique)

Package „A”
(basic service):

  • Assessing and classifying of employees
  • Setting working environment optimal
  • Guidance (leaflet) for acquiring spine-friendly postures
  • Setting of correct posture, correction

Package „B”

  • On the spot gymnastic (max. 10 persons, 20 minutes)
  • Mini-massage, acupressure (neck-shoulder, 15 minutes)
  • Equipment (cylinder, seat wedge, car seat cushion, physioball)

Package „C”

  • Screening the employees and involving physicians and professional physiotherapist in case of acute problems
  • Personal physiotherapy
  • Manual therapy
  • Spineliner (spine-joint diagnostic, therapy)
  • Ultrasonic - electrotherapy
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Reflexology


 The offer of GerincMed for downloading:

Buying more sessions at discounted price and voucher system is also available in our studio.
If you have any further questions or you need more information please call our colleague:
+36-30 / 991-2201

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